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Below I will try to summerize the many hobbies I have, including but not limited to:
Linux programming
If you would like to thank me for my time and/or effort, than instead of a financial present, i would like to invite you over to my Wishlist at amazone and order me some book.

This is my favourite timespender (next to nagging Peter of course!)
I have been updating/adding stuff to the kernel since I became aware of the Linux effort. For example the identd support was written by me, and not to forgot IP-Masquerading. Both parts are unthinkable in the common desktop Linux kernels.

Recently I created some patches for the IDE UMC8673 chip, since that chip is in my notebook 'LeBook' - and when running Linux I want to get the best performance possible!

Automount/Autofs (I have an NEC 251 CDROM changer and wanted Linux to change the disks for me!)

Regular programming
In a lost moment i added static DHCP to the old bootpd daemon i was running in my home network. This allowed me to configure my Win95 network in an easy and simple manner. This patch was accepted by the community with great pace and boosted the traffic on the bootpd-list a great deal! Ofcourse, nowadays `dhcpd' is a much neater solutions to your itch!

For my personal pleasure (*grin*) i created some rstatus tools (ruptime, rwho, rwhod) compliant with the FSF guidelines. It is possible to sort on many of the columns, unlimited hosts and rwhod not only broadcasts its data, but can also do a point-to-point send, thereby allowing one to monitor a remote machine from him/hers network. The tool is multilanguage, but sofar i only got dutch and engish translations. Any volenteers?

   Bytes      Timestamp       Filename
________ ____________________ ____________________________
  123795 Mar 27 21:51:30 1998 rstatus-1.0.tar.gz
  125418 Oct 20 10:32:36 1998 rstatus-1.1.tar.gz
  126878 Jun 20 13:49:00 1999 rstatus-1.2.tar.gz
  129555 Mar  7 10:46:19 2000 rstatus-1.2.1.tar.gz
  146637 Mar  8 17:15:52 2000 rstatus-1.2.2.tar.gz
  148415 Dec  7 00:00:00 2000 rstatus-1.3.tar.gz  [LATEST]

A while back, while playing with my Microstation 2000, I had a sudden need for a disassembler for the VAX architecture. Not wanting to create a entire new framework, I used the GNU binutils bfd stuff. The patch is very straith forward, but usefull none-the-less. patch

Currently I'm looking into databases MySql (a reasonable SQL database; beter than mSql IMHO),

Another small project was the adaption of Apache ( 1.2b7, 1.2b8 en 1.2b10) for the use of SSL (so https becomes possible - ofcourse you would have to get a certified key yourself!). However this patch is outdated by the much better mod_ssl implementation!

For inn-1.5.1 I adapted the timer patches so it correctly patches for 1.5.1. This patch also includes statistics in your daily news report.

For our sendmail lovers and makemap haters I created a small Perl utility which translates the old xaliases file to a virtusername, generics and aliases table. For extra bonus points I included the possibility for lists and recursive aliases, which are hopefully correctly resolved to their base name(s).

   Bytes      Timestamp       Filename
________ ____________________ ____________________________
    6680 Dec 24 16:00:09 1999 xparse-1.0
    8376 Sep 21 15:50:31 2001 xparse-1.1

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