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Dutch Linux Programmers

Since about a year I joined the mailinglist of Dutch Linux Programmers. Nothing official, just some friendly people coming together to meet/eat. We have a mailinglist, in case you want to join us. The address of the mailinglist is linux-prog-nl@coker.com.au.
Yes, Australia because Russell Coker, who runs the mailinglist, is Australian. Don't worry mate, he can't help it :)

We have had a few gatherings, again nothing formal, just eating together in first Utrecht - which is in the heart of Holland, and the second one in Amsterdam. Below you will find a few pictures I took of the gatherings I took part in:

Feb 11, 2000

[DSC00799] [DSC00800] [DSC00801] [DSC00802] [DSC00803]
Some names: Russell Coker, Pauline Middelink, Peter Peters, Rogier Wolff, David van Leeuwen, Bas Laarhoven, Mendel Mobach, Armijn Hemel.
I would like to name some more people, but unfortuantly I don't know you all, so i skip this painful subject for now. :)

July 28, 2000

[DSC01004] [DSC01005]
Present and accounted for: Russell Coker, Rusty Russell, Rogier Wolff, Pauline Middelink and her boyfriend Peter Peters, Wichert Akkerman, Steven Naarding from VA, a girl from RIPE and her boyfriend?
Unfortuantly the last three left before I could take the pictures, so there are not really present on any of the pictures.
!Sent Me Names Please!

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