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I am the director of a small software company called Polyware. It's a one-woman company only, so I have no troubles with my boss or employees.

The main purpose of the company is to sell software, which we write, for customers. Sometimes we sell a computer or printer along with the software, but selling off-the-shelf hardware is not the main activity here.
You will probably be wondering what kind of software Polyware writes? Well, if you find out, let me know! Most of our software is custom made for certain applications and/or tasks. The user interface is an area for which my clients compliment us about, so I presume the interface of the programs is pretty.

We write software native under DOS (preferably C), MS-Windows or even Unix (though the user interface for native unix programs tends to be a bit awkward in comparison to Windows and DOS).

And for the languages? Let's see. Under DOS we usually program in Borland Pascal with some escapes in assembler, if it has to go real fast... For Windows programs we look at the kind of application, sometimes we use Borland Pascal, but other times Visual C++. Under Unix there is no question about it: The Gnu C Compiler!

[ICT]Since july 1995 I started to work as a senior software engineer for a softwarehouse in the Netherlands, called ICT Automatisering located in Deventer. Through this company I work for other business like Fico Trim & Form in Zevenaar, Holland Railconsult in Utecht or Institute for Telematics in Enschede. My Curriculum Vitae is also available if you want to read more about what I've done in the past (only available in Dutch).

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