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Some information about the house:

It is a nice, large house, a socalled 'quatriple' (four houses under one roof). We do not have a garage, bacause we live in one of the middle houses.

We have a little garden in the front of the house and a much bigger one behind the house. In the backgarden we have a little pond (about 2.52m). In the pond, (not outside - for obvious reasons!) we keep fish, some 13 of them. (Fish are hard to count, they have no name and swim around, so it's hard to know how many we really have!). There is also a little frog who visits us each year.

We do not have a basement. Actually we do have a small space to crawl in, but that is not more than 3 feet high (1m), so we tend to say we do not have a basement.
Ground zero
Here we have a large, almost square livingroom with a lovely kitchen. This floor also houses the entrance with the toilet. In the livingroom we also have a large builtin-staircase. So large in fact, we placed our refrigerator in there :)
First floor
Lets see, we have my offices here. There is also a large guestroom, big enough for 2 people! There is also a room for a baby, but that is more in use as a storageroom. Ah, before I forget! The bathroom! Currently its only a shower, but Peter and I are planning to add a bath in there somewhere and maybe, if I'm lucky, we fit a toilet in there too! I'm looking forward to the moment it's done; i'm a big fan of reading SciFi in a bath!
This is one of the non-standard extentions to the house. Peter rebuilt the attic to one large bedroom. It is now a lovely spacious place! We have a waterbed(sp?) TV and even a VCR :)
Also on the attic is a little storageroom where Peters keeps his tools which can't be kept in the shed, since it can get wet, which is not a good thing for tools, so Peters keeps telling me...
Oops, the sky is no part of the house, but it is high so I put it in with the other stuff :)
The neighberhood:
There are many, many shops in the neighberhood. From special groceries to supermarkets. I rather go to the foodchains, that way I don't have a run from shop to shop for all my weekly shopping.
We have them too, but I can not tell as much about them as I would like, because I never went to the schools around here. But If you realy, really insist i will not inform :)
Closeby we have the Rutbeek, a public beach where you can swim, waterski and many other things. What about a nudebeach?
As usual, a lot. Many of them are of the controlling kind: cops! No serious, a nearby official building is the University of Twente, known all over the world!

N.B.: If you know more things I can tell about, please mail me your comments?

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