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  • Floppi (23 june 1992 - 13 october 1998)

    [Floppi] This is my favorite cat, his name is Floppi Middelink, though some of you might argue whether or not he still is a he, he is errr.... castrated!

    Well, he is a little cat, a little older than 5 years, he was born June 23, 1992, so if you could spare the time, sent him a little something?? His weight is 7 kilograms, which is quite respectable for such an adouring little rascal. And speaking about that, Floppi is one of the most enthousathic flowers-out-windows-throwers I know! He also does likes to hunt birds but he can't get them really because he wears a little bell.

    He still has got all his nails, I don't like the habit of some people to clip their cats nails so they won't ruins the house interior. He is a living person, with all the merits it should bring him! And if you don't like that, don't get a cat in the first place! (Hmmmm... come to think of it, maybe I should charge him rent for the food and housing he gets???)

    Oh, one of the adouring things about Floppi is the way he sleeps. Some background: way back, when I didn't live together with Peter and his two cats, Floppi and I lived alone and he was allowed to sleep in my bedroom. Ofcourse he liked this very much, but he (as being a very young cat) copied my sleeping habit, by sleeping on his back. Not quite an appropriate way for a cat to sleep!

    Floppi passed away during our holliday in England due to (probably) a heartdecease. Before we went, he was a little gasping for breath, so we went to the vet with him, She thought it was probably a 'hairball?' and gave him an injection to make breathing easier. Indeed was Floppi back to his old rascal self that evening so we deciced to go on hollidays afterall...
    Unfortuantly we got an emergiance call on the day before the end of our holliday from the neighbour who was taking care of the cats. she told us Floppi died just minutes ago on the table of the vet. Floppi was brought there about a week ago, again breathing heavely) The vet told us later she asked the neighbour to get in touch with us because she wanted to know if she could give Floppi an injection to put him to sleep, because she saw no way of keeping Floppi in condition fit for a happy little cat like him. About 15 minutes after she told this to the neighbour, she noticed Floppi decided for himself to go to catheaven. We will miss our beloved cat dearly!!

  • Tiger (15 october 1992 - )

    [Tijger] To lessen my sorrow about Floppi passing away, Peter and I decided to get a cat from the asylum [- a place you can buy secondhand cats :) ] We decided not to get a young kitten, but a slightly mature cat, like the age Floppi was. This would keep our other cats active, but not overly so.

    Well, lets see, what can we tell about him? As you can tell from the picture, he - just as Floppi - is a european shorthaired cat, with a pointed tiger head, hence the name 'Tiger' ofcourse! Tiger is estimated at beeing around 6 years by the vet - she did this by looking at his teeth, which he didn't like. In his cat-pasport we entered his birthdate as October 15, 1992 since we had to make it all up from scratch. The previous owner of Tiger didn't bother to bring him to the asylum, he ran and was lost... :( Tiger didn't stay long at the asylum, about 1 month. He was kind of skinny in the beginning, but as he was castrated there (required for all asylum cats!) he got fat real fast! He even got an ID chip in his neck, so he would alway be traceable to our little family :)

    He is very talkative, this cat. Especially if you are near the kitchen, he starts meowing, walking around your feet, trying everything to trick you into getting him more nice food! It looks like he has a good eduation in his youth, because he dislikes climbing of the kitchen table. He does jump on the living table, but we don't really mind...

  • Vlekki and Moortje (28 august 1985 - )

    [Vlekki] [Moortje] These are Peters cats Vlekki and Moortje. They are very sweet, (and, as you can tell, black) but they also tend to sleep a lot. They are quite a few years older than Floppy, about 12 years. They are brother and sister, who came to live at Peters when he moved to Enschede. They are very nice to each other and Vlekki, as any caretaking brother, should do, rescues Moortje if she ever gets hunted down by Floppi.

    Vlekki is the leader of the pack in our house, he is the strongest cat, but also the biggest chicken i know! Whenever they are allowed outside the house, and he walks in the garden and a leaf falls.... He is inside the house trembling... Floppi is the second in command and is not afraid for anything the world throws at him :) Before mentioned leaf shall be totaly and utterly destroyed if Floppi gets his way! Moortje is a real girly cat, she is sweet, a little smaller than the other cats and she can look quite haughty.

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