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In the upper left corner you will find a small picture of little me. If you want more of me(40KB!), you can always click on the image and have a better look. And? Did you like it? :)

Lets see, I have a boyfriend, Peter Peters, with whom I live together (sorry boys!). Be nice to him, otherwise I will place your address is a special file, so you can't see these pages no more!

In the left column, below the picture (in blue), you will find various subjects on me and my surroundings. So if you would like to know more on where I live, what I do in/with my daily life, it's all there for the clicking!

If you want to reach me by the old fashioned media; telephone (yes, yes I do have ISDN!) or maybe even by surface-mail, than below you'll find some crucial information:

        Ing. Jeannette Pauline Michelle Middelink
        Boterkorfhoek 34
        7546 JA Enschede
        phn. +31 (53) 478 00 22
        fax. +31 (53) 478 00 21

Voor de mensen die het engels niet machtig zijn; u kunt terecht op de nederlandse pagina's.

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