Peter en Pauline's PolyVision

This webcam show an image of our garden. Its refreshed every 90 seconds since I only have a small connection to the internet and I don't want to saturate it with webcam traffic...

You can also have a look at our office. But I must warn you that that camera is often not active, its connected through an bt848 card which is kind of instable for prolonged use :(

Uw browser is niet in staat applets te tonen. Het bovenstaande beeld zal zich niet bijwerken!

A word of explanation: The camera is directed towards our garden, as such it gets dark at approximatly 20:00 +0200 and light starts at 6:00 +0200.
Oh, when looking at night, the little lights are indeed christmas lights in the christmas tree in the back of our garden!


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